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Auckland string quartet summer school 2017

Eliah returns to ASQSS in ealry January 2016 to tutor and perform string quartet at this traditional Auckland event. This time he will be joined by his wife Caroline von Bismarck and APO-colleagues David Samuel (viola) and Yanghe Yu (violin). A true highlight of the summer school is the tutor's recital which includes quartets by Brahms, Schubert and Schumann.


Visit ASQSS' webiste for more information and application.

“The opportunity to learn from and play with some of the best musicians in our country is very exciting. [...] My lessons with Eliah have provided me with ways of thinking in order to improve my technique and performance. [...] It was interesting being taught by someone who is a professional (practising) orchestral musician. He is always performing, so he is more "knowledgeable" in the practical aspects of playing and is able to point out small things that I can correct that make a lot of difference." 


Mariko Windecker, Auckland

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