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          Eliah's love for the languages has always been his favourite kind of sport... In the early school years in Bulgaria he had to learn Russian in Bulgaria, Despite the negative political connotation of this subject in those days, he knew that there is more than the endless exercise in the the right suffix to the right grammatical case, so Russian was put on hold for a decade until Eliah discovered its beauty and significance through the music and through all the wonderful friends he met on his life-long  journey with the music. Today Eliah writes an reads in three alphabets and speaks fluently English, German, Spanisch, Portuguese, Russian and Bulgarian. he was lucky to learn most of these languages by living in the countries where they are spoken. He is also knowledgeable in French, Italian and Hebrew. His next, rather remote aim is to delve into Arabic. Eliah believes that the language as such is the ultimate carrier of cultural traits. Therefore each language as a complex phenomenon is like a different skin, a full set of sensory organs into one and every culture. Spoken language is certainly linked to music through phonetics but it's a myth that musicians are more talented for foreign languages in general. Eliah is interested in comparative linguistics and etymology of the Romanic, Slavonic and Semitic language groups.           
          Born into a family with long medical tradition, Eliah grew up surrounded by medical literature with lots of anatomical pictures that impressed him a lot. Witnessing the daily conversations in his family about patients, diagnoses and all sorts of hospital talk, he had no choice but to develop vivid interest in the medical sciences. Today he is thankful to his parents for giving him thorough insights into the "most responsible of all" professions and making him resistent to many common fears and anxieties. Besides being an avowed blood donor, Eliah is particularly interested in cancer research and gets easily sucked into conversations on medical topics. 
          The depth and the creativity of human thought have always fascinated Eliah. The universal ideas of Deity and Creation have stimulated him to develop an identity for Theology and religious psychology. Eliah is passionate about Jewish Thought. He presents and confers on various topics related to Jewish culture, art and ethnology.       
          The ethical aspect of human nature is another idea that moves Eliah. He likes to reflect on global Ethics. In a world dominated by trade and economy, Eliah sees ethics as a precious commodity, derived from the sublimation of ideals - sourced from the inspiration and the revelation through music - and the substance of vigorous human thought.      
           Art history and cultural heritage are two more of Eliah's personal concepts. He admires the Florentine Renaissance and sources inspiration from the Viennese Belle Epoque. He confers on the significance of cultural heritage as a essential asset to society and seeks the political debate on cultural identity and sustainability o the arts.
          Last but not least, Eliah puts great importance into his family life with his daughter Hannah and wife Caroline. Together they enjoy the beauty and tranquility of New Zealand, the outdoors and spacious freedom. Having their families live in Bulgaria and Germany, Eliah and Caroline entertain a tight physical and cultural connection to the European continent.          

© 2012 by Eliah Sakakushev-von Bismarck

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