MANAGEMENT, production

          Eliah is an experienced concert event manager, who is immensely self-motivated, flexible, adaptable and able to handle multiple priorities at the same time. He is determined and passionate about the profitable implementation of all aspects of proactive arts administration and has earned himself a reputation not only for his impressive work and integrity but also for his team management skills. He is confident and versatile, with deep knowledge about the creative arts and industries, including a strong understanding of team leadership. He displays a charismatic maturity and balance, fostering an excellent work ethic and morale across any range of personalities and skill levels.

Having honed his skills as a polyvalent music performer to a high international level of achievement, he is now ready to assume new challenges and make a valuable contribution on a management level with an organisation requiring loyalty, discretion, ideas, leadership and dynamism.

          Strategic Thinking – Plays a pivotal role in managing projects from inception to implementation. 

Management – Has an empathetic approach to implementing excellent leadership standards and to applying core principles of the organisation to secure stability and development. Experienced in both continuity management and crisis management. 

          Communication – Influential communicator who adopts style and approach to suit a wide variety of individuals and organisations to gain their commitment. Dominates six languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian. Understands French, Italian and Hebrew. 

          Operations and Logistics - Has vast experience in stage management and venue preparation, rehearsal scheduling, artist care, coordination of travels and accommodations, transportation between venues, management and delegation of responsibilities to staff, audience relations. Creates safeguards against the unexpected as far as possible. 

          Artistic Administration - Based on his expertise as adjudicator and artistic assessor, he possesses far-reaching knowledge about auditions, examinations, written reports and mentoring of selection procedures. He is also vastly experienced in artistic programming. 

          Marketing and Branding - Event promotion and media exposure on broadcasting, print and social media. Develops ideas about creative branding and imagining for global awareness. Understands sales targets and manages budgetary thresholds. 


Key knowledge and core experience in: Concert Management, Competition Adjudication, Written Assessment, Instrumental Teaching (Cello and Chamebr Music), Orchestra Leadership (Section Leader), Solo and Chamber Music Performance. 




          Eliah's referees are distinguished personalities from Australasian and European major art industries who have either entrusted him to manage, produce and create music events, or have had a detailed insight into his work as artistic director and administrator. Please make contact here to request names and details.    

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