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Dear visitor, here you are going to find basic information about some of my finest bows. These bows are all for sale and available to try out upon request. Please feel free to contact me, should you have  any interest or queries about the bows. Now enjoy the gallery!

Edwin Lothar Herrmann

Master Cello Bow 1950

This E. L. Herrmann beautiful cello bow is brand new. It is in the upper-top range of cello bows. Chracteristic with the octagonal stick and the dark red varnish it displays a perfect work, proudly sealed with the Herrmann Family coat-of-arms on the heel. The bow is 81g heavy and very balanced in its weight. It comes with certificate with evaluation for the insurance by renowned Swiss violin maker Arion Scheifele. The bow lies very well in the hand and plays very smoothly, being particularly graceful at the bow changes. Its sound is dark and prfound but it is also very flexible for the virtuaoso stuff.

Joh. Tino Lucke 2001,

Berlin, Germany


Carl Albert Nürnberger 1960,

Markneukirchen, Germany


This exclusive C. A. Nurnberger-bow is in the top range of German cello bows. It's on the heavy side with 80.5g total weight. The bow is in excellent condition and it is certified by Nurnberger's gradnson who is a bow maker, as well. The 80.5 g bows plays "alone" on the string with great elegance and smoothness. It extracts the most overtones from any instrument and produces a rich and coloful sound.

This new master bow is made in the individual style of Berlin based bow maker Johannes Tino Lucke. It displays exquisit master work with great detail and elements from the German and French Schools. The bow is 81.5g heavy with a smooth contact to the string. Its sound is noble and colourful, rich in overtones. It comes certified by Mr. Lucke himself. The certificate includes indications about the insurance value. The bow was made for and played by German cellist Werner Thomas Mifune. 

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