In 2001 Eliah was granted the title “Orchestermusiker” from the Mannheim Music University upon graduating with the highest mark. This title certifies a qualified orchestra musician and places him on the orchestra job market. Those days the OM-stream was the only alternative to the pedagogical stream. Today this title is equivalent to Bachelor of Music.      

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Two years later Eliah obtained the title “Konzertexamen” from the same institution, certifying concert maturity and the ability to perform as recitalist and soloist on the big stage. This degree was the only performance oriented post-graduate programme in the soloist stream, offered at that time. Today it would be equivalent to Master of Music.


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Prizes, distinctions, grants

During the five years of studies in Mannheim Eliah was a recipient of the “Wilhelm-Müller” Foundation and the “Oscar und Vera Ritter” Foundation study grants.


Back in his early years in Bulgaria Eliah won prizes at various competitions, including the 2. Prize at the Obretenov Contest for Bulgarian Music and the 1. Prize at the National Competition for German Music.


In 1999 Eliah’s chamber such group, the AMOS Piano Quartet won the Gran Premio at the Varenna International Chamber Music Competition in Italy. A year later the AMOS Piano Trio was awarded a special distinction by the Mendelssohn Competition of the German Music Academies in Berlin.


In the context of the chamber music festival Musikfest Schloss Wonfurt Eliah received a distinction from the Bavarian State for his contribution to the cultural development of the local community.

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